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Things I know of and want but don't have: "X-Ray Eyes" (pre-1996 live), full lyrics to "Dregs", info about and recordings of pre-Guster High School bands, and info on Foreign Releases. Also, tablature for anything that's missing here, especially "Red Oyster Cult", the Violent Femmes covers, and any other released material. Of course, tabs for unreleased material is welcomed as well! Let me know if you can help.

The only covered songs (songs that Guster plays that were written by other bands) detailed on this site are those that appear on officially released material.

If you notice any errors throughout this site (including, but certainly not limited to: lyrics, credits, release dates, names) or you can fill in any missing information, please (you guessed it) let me know.

Lastly, thanks of course to the members of Guster themselves, and not just because thanking you is the appropriate cliché thing to do. Thank you especially to Brian Rosenworcel, for availing yourself to answer our questions and helping to fill in some blanks throughout the site and to Adam Gardner for the scoop on your Pre-Guster glory and on the many labels of Parachute. Thank you to anyone who has ever taped a show and posted it on the Internet for all to hear; your generosity has been an invaluable resource to this archive. Thank you to Kenta for making guster.net such a wonderful resource for fans. Thank you to Reid for creating this site, his coding assistance, suggestions, and graphical updates. Thank you to the creators of the Guster.com Keep It Together flash site, from whom we stole the hummingbird for the logo. And most of all, thank you to one girlfriend in particular, who dragged me to a little bar in Portland in November of 1997 to introduce me to her favorite band. Both have been a significant part of my life since then.

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  October 10 · 2010
  • Graphical update courtesy Reid Levin. Facelift! Woo!
  •   October 5 · 2010
  • Lyrics added for the remainder of Easy Wonderful.
  •   November 9 · 2009
  • Lyrics added for "This Could All Be Yours", "Control", "Hercules" and "Ry Plays Guitar".
  •   April 14 · 2009
  • Studio analysis page updated with two new tunes, "Jonah" and "Bad Bad", which debuted this spring. Lyrics included!
  •   December 5 · 2008
  • New studio analysis added for ongoing recording sessions for untitled sixth album.
  •   April 6 · 2007
  • Added lyrics for "Timothy Leary", plus demo versions of "One Man Wrecking Machine", "The New Underground", "C'mon" and "Hang On" from the GUOTS vinyl B-sides.
  •   February 27 · 2007
  • Added listing for the Satellite EP.
  • Added two new songs to the Covers section: "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" and "Two Of Us".
  • Moved "G Major", "I'm Through", "Rise & Shine" and "Timothy Leary" to Miscellaneous Tunes from Unreleased Tunes.

  •   January 17 · 2007
  • Happy New Year!
  • Added listing for two "Satellite" singles to the Singles section.
  • Added two new songs to the Covers section: "Memo To My Son", "This Wheel's On Fire".

  •   August 20 · 2006
  • One new and three revised tablatures courtesy of Drew Lewis: "Rise & Shine", "Keep It Together", "Barrel Of A Gun" and "So Long" are now linked from the individual song pages.

  •   June 26 · 2006
  • Most sessionography for the new album has been fleshed out now thanks to the many live concerts clips on YouTube. Any edits, additions, subtractions, let me know.
  • Drew Lewis continues to provide tablature for us - the GUOTS tablature is now complete with his latest contributions of "Lightning Rod", "C'mon", "Ruby Falls" and "The New Underground".

  •   June 12 · 2006
  • All lyrics have been corrected and transcribed in their final version thanks to a most excellent source. Song authorship, instrumentation and other info has also been updated where available, but we're still woefully short on sessionography information. Feel free to forward it along!

  •   May 23 · 2006
  • Added lyrics for the demo version of "Two At A Time" from the One Man Wrecking Machine EP and added listing for the "clean" single of "One Man Wrecking Machine"; also fixed the covers so the correct ones displayed properly.
  • Added new track listing for "remix" single of "Amsterdam" and disc scan of promo version of "Lost & Gone Forever".

  •   May 16 · 2006
  • Added listing for the promo version of the One Man Wrecking Machine EP; added listing for the radio single of One Man Wrecking Machine; slight edit to FAQ.

  •   April 6 · 2006
  • Added listing for the One Man Wrecking Machine EP due out April 18th. Added cover listing for "Good Feeling" since it is now officially a released cover tune (Violent Femmes).

  •   April 1 · 2006
  • Tablature links for Keep It Together are now complete except for "Red Oyster Cult", thanks to guster.net and various Internet tab resources. Also linked up "Empire State" thanks to Drew Lewis, "(Nothing But) Flowers", and eight unreleased tunes thanks to guster.net.
  • Major rearrangement of the navigation bar - now all information pertaining to the actual discography is on the top row while other resources are in the bottom row.
  • Added a page for covers, renamed the studio commentary page, added some miscellaneous tunes to the former "Non-LP" page, renaming it "Unreleased & Miscellaneous", and added an official tablature section so fans will know what we do and don't have. I may just turn this into a huge song matrix instead, linking to a song's lyrics/info page, guitar/bass tablature and mp3's if I get especially ambitious.

  •   March 31 · 2006
  • Added tablature links for all of Goldfly and Lost & Gone Forever, as well as "Hang On" and "On My Own". Thanks to guster.net for most of the album stuff, and Drew Lewis for the last two.

  •   March 15 · 2006
  • Added full and accurate track listing for Ganging Up On The Sun; changed release date to June 20th.
  • Added links to iTunes, Napster, MusicMatch and MusicToday where warranted for Internet-only releases.

  •   March 14 · 2006
  • Added track listing for "One Man Wrecking Machine" e-single.
  • Added June 13th release date for Ganging Up On The Sun.

  •   December 21 · 2005
  • Finalized tracklist for The Pasty Tapes Vol. 3 which released this week.
  • Updated lyrics for "Days" and "On My Own".
  • Updated many blurry/dark album scans thanks to an iTunes art retriever. Snazzy!
  • New album title is now officially Ganging Up On The Sun!

  •   November 23 · 2005
  • Added links to mp3's where available on pages for tracks to the new album, as well as tracks that did not make the final cut.
  • Minor FAQ update.

  •   November 16 · 2005
  • Edited track listing for The Pasty Tapes Vol. 3 based on further information.
  • Removed several eliminated songs from track listing for new album; added them to Non-Album section.
  • Added links to Drew Lewis' tablature for songs from the new album; also in the process of adding links to guster.net's tablature for other songs.
  • Added new section to the FAQ about Trippin' Balls, the pride of Chico, California.

  •   November 15 · 2005
  • Added preliminary listing for The Pasty Tapes Vol. 3 based on Guster rep email. Appears on EPs page.
  • Added Manifest Destiny/Sorority Tears to Internet Releases page.

  •   November 14 · 2005
  • Added lyrics and links for "The Beginning Of The End", "Manifest Destiny" and "One Man Wrecking Machine", linked from the Albums page.

  •   November 9 · 2005
  • Transcribed all remaining lyrics for Hanukkah Rocks. Added info on song authors, additional musicians and producers.

  •   October 13 · 2005
  • Finalized track listing of Hanukkah Rocks. Added lyrics for two more songs.
  • Updated New Album page with more info from latest studio journal.

  •   August 17 · 2005
  • Added new Side Projects area in honor of the impending release of Hanukkah Rocks by The LeeVees.

  •   June 19 · 2005
  • Changed title of new album to Ganging Up On The Sun based on recent MTV article. This may not be official but is the best guess for now.

  •   May 21 · 2005
  • Updated look of this welcome page and shifted per-section notes to the appropriate section.
  • Added improved images on Singles, and UK version of Careful.
  • Added promo cover of Goldfly and Gus Parachute to Albums, special edition of Keep It Together.

  •   May 17 · 2005
  • Updated listing for Keep It Together (UK release) and added lyrics for "Starless Heaven".
  • Added lyrics for "Add It Up", "Blister In The Sun", "Gone Daddy Gone" and "Kiss Off".

  •   May 12 · 2005
  • Launched the gusterography on new server.
  • Added FAQ link to main menu.
  • Added Untitled Sixth Album to Albums and linked new lyrics pages where available.
  • Added Come Downstairs and Say Hello to EPs.
  • Added Live in Lexington, Birmingham, Bonnaroo, Myrtle Beach, ¿Dónde Está Santa Claus? and Carol of the Meows to Internet Releases and linked new lyrics pages where available.
  • Added Keep it Together to Foreign Releases and linked new lyrics pages where available.
  • Added Post-KIT section to Non-Album Rarities and deleted several entries.

  • Gusterography created by Reid Levin in 2002 and maintained by Dave Mallick since May 2005.