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At the moment, this section includes only commercial video releases. It does not include music videos, television or internet appearances, nor bootlegged concert videos, unless any of these things appear on a commercial release.
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 Barrel Of A Gun
 Original Release Date: 1999
 Label: Sire Records
 A video tape given away at HMV retailers to promote the release of Lost and Gone Forever. It is a music video that contains footage of the band recording "Barrel Of A Gun", walking around, and trying to act like they're not being filmed.

 Note: This video is available for download in the multimedia section of guster.com.
01 | Barrel Of A Gun

 Too Hot for TV
 Original Release Date: 1999
Kenta Koga on "Too Hot for TV": "After I encoded the HMV Barrel video [for guster.com,] one of the guster-staffers asked me to encode "Too Hot for TV". I actually drove down to Tufts to pick it up... then after I encoded it I wasn't able to get in touch with him so it's still in my possession. I'm not sure what the original [purpose] of the tape was because as far as I can tell I'm the only one I know of who actually has a hard copy. Maybe it was intended as a rep-gift or something, who knows."

Note: This video is available for download in the multimedia section of guster.com.
Too Hot for TV | 01

 Guster On Ice: Live from Portland Maine
 Release Date: May 18, 2004
 Label: Reprise Records
  Recorded live in concert at The State Theatre in Portland, Maine on December 19 and 20, 2003. Packaged with the CD of the same name, which omits a few tracks.
01 | Careful [acoustic intro]
02 | Fa Fa
03 | I Spy
04 | (Nothing But) Flowers
05 | Ramona
06 | Red Oyster Cult
07 | So Long
08 | Airport Song
09 | Backyard
10 | Happier
11 | Barrel Of A Gun
12 | Come Downstairs And Say Hello
13 | Homecoming King
14 | Mona Lisa
15 | What You Wish For
16 | Amsterdam
17 | Demons
18 | Jesus on the Radio
19 | Careful