The Fixx
Unreleased (Keep It Together era)
Ryan Miller
Roger Moutenot
David Henry

 (Sessionography Unknown)

Notes: Brian wrote about the song in his studio journal: "Originally called ["The Fixx"] because it had an eighties feel reminiscent of the groundbreaking album 'Reach the Beach,' though in the end the name came to represent the constant state of disrepair of the song. It went through several facelifts over the course of the writing process... concerns about time and budget pulled the plug on the song... [It was] another up-tempo song... [I]t's tough to record a song that has brilliant moments but nothing to tie it all together. Maybe we'll finish it and play it live."
(Lyrics unknown.)

Thanks to the always trusty legendary conguero Brian Rosenworcel for clarifying the songwriting credits.