The Bowie-Ish One
Unreleased (GUOTS era)
Joe Pisapia

 Album Version Sessionography
Adam Gardner guitar
Ryan Miller bass
Brian Rosenworcel unknown
Joe Pisapia unknown

Notes: Written for the band's sixth album; axed while still in the studio. Brian described it as being "so named because the bass line Ryan's playing is very similar to the riff the bass plays in "It's No Game (Part 1)" off of David Bowie's Scary Monsters... but having never heard that song before in his life, Ryan was granted band permission to use it. [...] Adam plays a solo that sounds like ZZ Top on it." An update a month later: "I think I have successfully killed "the Bowie-ish one" with negativity and passive-aggression. That song was dead to me a long time ago. If we finish it, it'll be a spirited b-side." It has never been played live.
(Lyrics unknown.)