Album Version Appears On Final Flight
Adam Gardner
Adam Gardner
Adam Gardner
Adam Gardner

 Album Version Sessionography
Cort Corbin bass guitar, guitar, backing vocals
Adam Gardner guitar, lead vocals
Stew Range drums
Album Version
Quack quack
Quack quack
Quack quack quack quack

Little ducky on the pond
Fell in love with a swan
He thought to himself,
"My, my what a dish"
Was scared, it hurt so bad
He'd actually bob for a fish
He quivered and he shook
Every time she swam near
He'd get to start to feeling queasy
As he ran for fear
Quack quack
Quack quack
Quack quack quack quack

After a month, he decided
It's been happening too long
It was about time he approached the swan
He asked himself
Now where could he get to be?
When he stumbled upon some eggs
That a frog had laid
So he thought of Mr. Frog
Who would know much better
Travel to the frog
And he would tell him how to get her
Let me tell you about Mr. Frog from the bog
Fanny's all tired from sitting on a log
He watches all the women
While rooting and a'winking
God only knows what he's been thinking
Ribbit ribbit
Ribbit ribbit
Ribbit ribbit ribbit ribbit

After talking with the frog
He went out looking for his love
When he finally found her
She was lying up above
By the time she came down
It was the middle of the night
The duck already fell asleep
By the pale moonlight
Quack quack
Quack quack
Quack quack quack quack

Woke up the next morning
Realizing he had fell
It took more work than he thought it would entail
He decided he would need some more advice
The frog's advice alone couldn't possibly suffice
So he went to the fish
He was the smartest of them all
He said, "this one will be my lady
Come the first day of the fall"
So he'd better make it quick
Cause he was looking for romance
Fortunately for him, there would be a big dance
And the fish talked of love
That's when he should make his move
If he could get his courage up
She surely would approve
Bloop bloop
Bloop bloop
Bloop bloop bloop bloop

And tonight was the night
Of the pond's annual ball
Everyone else was dancing
While he sulked by the waterfall
Where was his beauty?
She was nowhere to be found
Had she flown away?
Or perhaps even drowned?
But then the duck saw the swan by the fall
Her feathers were lit up
Lit by the stars
He paddled towards her
This was finally his chance
He thought he could ask her for a dance
But all he could say was
Quack quack
Quack quack
Quack quack quack quack

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