Sorority Tears
Album Version Appears On Sorority Tears/Manifest Destiny
Producer (album)
Joe Pisapia

 Album Version Sessionography
Adam Gardner !
Ryan Miller !
Brian Rosenworcel !
Joe Pisapia !

 Album Version Guests
Jim Hoke harmonica

Notes: "[Sorority Tears] is a raucous instrumental with distorted drums and fuzzy guitar/bass that's hopefully a nice bed for some fun with the glockenspiel and other sounds that will contrast the mush we put to tape. [...] That instrumental track (our first song without singing!) didn't really exist until today. It had a guitar/bass/drums basic on it, an intentionally sloppy and spirited basic at that... but we made it all klezmerized today. It's fun. Kind of sounds like a spaghetti western at moments.

Pasty Tapes Volume 3 liner notes: [W]e're very proud of our first instrumental track, but we're not sure we'd want to listen to it every time through our album. Perfect for the Pasty Tapes.
Album Version