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archive.org | The best place to download live Guster shows in their entirety. All shows appear in SHN format, so make sure to visit etree first to learn how to play such files. Even though the band has released live material for sale on the Internet, downloading and trading taped shows has always been--and will always be--free!

guster dot com | The official Guster homepage. Home to Brian Rosenworcel's semi-regularly updated journals, the official Guster message board and the official Guster Fan2Fan discussion list. This is also where to find information on becoming a rep.

guster.net | The greatest Guster fansite out there. Includes a comprehensive tablature archive, a wonderful media section and a bunch of silly, time-wasting Guster goodies. Also includes the great Fan2Fan database.

guster faq | A guide to Guster that contains all sorts of frequently asked questions, from general information for newcomers to far more obscure trivia to impress even the most devout fans.

happyfrappy.com | The only place for Guster fanatics to share their Guster covers with other fans.

itunes.com | Guster's preferred online retailer of legally downloadable official Guster tunes. Download both full albums and internet-only releases.

setlist.com | Contains the most comprehensive Guster setlist archive on the 'Net, dating all the way back to the Gus days.

yeehawgraphy | A guide to The Peace Soldiers, a band that toured with Guster for a while in Spring 2001. It's a complete rip-off of this site, but it makes me laugh so I let it slide.