All The Way Up To Heaven
Album Version Appears On Lost and Gone Forever Tablature
Ryan Miller
Steve Lillywhite
Steve Lillywhite
John Siket

 Album Version Sessionography
Adam Gardner guitar, vocals
Ryan Miller guitar, harmonica, piano, vocals
Brian Rosenworcel percussion

 Album Version Guests
Alicia Berger whistling
Chonie De Ocampo whistling
Katherine Forgacs whistling
Emily Martinez whistling
Page McConnell theremin
Kristen Randall whistling
Lisa Williams whistling

 Live Sessionography
Adam Gardner guitar, vocals, whistling
Ryan Miller guitar, harmonica, vocals
Brian Rosenworcel percussion

Notes: The whistlers on the album version are winners of a guess-the-number contest run by Early mixes of this song were called "Samba", after the backing riff they used on the Casio keyboard to compose the song originally. In early concert versions, the band would even bring out the keyboard itself and run the Sama riff through the sound system as backing music.
Album Version
He said to only look up
He said to never look down
Down is where we came from
He said to hope for the best
And take a load off my chest
Soon I could be happy

And go all the way
Up to heaven
And go all the way
Back home

He thought I might need his help
No one gets high on themselves
I just seemed so lonely
He's just trying to be nice
And spread around his advice
I could be that happy

And go all the way
Up to heaven
And go all the way
Back home

Stay the way I am today is certainement disaster
He can tell a fairy tale
It's happily ever after
Just relax and greener grass
Will grow here for a change
Maybe then we'll last a million years or more
Or more
Or more
Or more
Or more

And go all the way
Up to heaven
And go all the way
Back home

Yes, I do believe what he says
I want to be happy
I could sure use his help
No one gets by on themselves
He can make me happy

It's a warm summer breeze
It's weakness in your knees
It's perfect place above full everlasting love
Nothing to fear
Nothing to hide you
Just say what's on your mind
Needn't think before you speak
This is how it's meant to be
Ever high never fall
You can do no wrong at all
In this heaven up above
Filled with everlasting love
To the light
To the light