Album Version Appears On Keep It Together, Keep It Together 5 Song Sampler, Selections from Keep It Together Tablature
Meow Mix Appears On The Meowstro Sings Guster's Keep It Together
Ryan Miller
Roger Moutenot
David Henry
Mixing (album)
Mike Shipley
Mixing (meow mix)
Adam Gardner
Matt Peskie

 Album Version Sessionography
Adam Gardner backing vocals, banjo, piano
Ryan Miller bass guitar, lead vocals, mellotron
Brian Rosenworcel bongos, keyboard, percussion

 Album Version Guests
Ron Aniello additional insturments
David Henry upright bass
Jim Hoke harmonica
Ben Kweller frightening double-necked string insturment
Jacob Lawson additional insturments
Randy Leago additional insturments
Brandon Mason additional insturments
Roger Moutenot moog
Joe Pisapia banjo
Neil Rosengarden additional insturments
Josh Rouse backing vocals

 Meow Mix Guests
Matt Peskie lead vocals

Notes: All guest musicians who contributed to Keep It Together were forced to adhere to the band's strict Boneyard policy. This policy forced all guest musicians to record one pass (and only one pass) on this song (which used to be called "Boneyard"). The guest musicians were not allowed to hear the song before they played, nor were they told the chords of the song or what instrument they were to play. The meow mix of this track was deceptively labeled as "Keep It Together" when first posted on KaZaA.
Album Version
In the backyard
In the garden
You were always there
Digging down where roots
Would burrow underneath

Now the grass is always overgrown
And the weeds are choking out the sun
Pretty soon they'll come under the door
And you don't care

In the backyard
Since last summer
Almost nothing left
Just some pieces of the roots that once dug in

Now the grass is always overgrown
And the weeds are choking out the sun
Why do you still come home anymore
When you don't care?

(Huh, huh key change)

Thanks to the inspiring motivation of Kyle Nelson for transcribing these lyrics, to the early bird resourcefulness of Ted Evans
for production information and to meow Mr. Pibb and the always meow legendary conguero Brian Rosenworcel
for information on meow meow.