Airport Song
Album Version Appears On Goldfly, Airport Song single Tablature
Pastronica Remix Appears On The Pasty Tapes
Live Version Appears On Live in Knoxville 9/4/03
Adam Gardner
Steve Lindsey
Steve Lindsey
Mixing (album)
David Schiffman
Mike Shipley
Past. remix
Anthony J. Resta
Karyadi Setedja
Live in Knox.
Adam Gardner
Gordon Reddy

 Album Version Sessionography
Adam Gardner guitar, vocals
Ryan Miller guitar, vocals
Brian Rosenworcel percussion

 Album Version Guests
Rudy DiCello cello
Davey Faragher bass guitar
Andy Happel violin

Notes: The "Pastronica Remix" found on The Pasty Tapes contains all sorts of techno musical changes and extensions (including a lot more ping-pong ball bouncing), but the words remain the same. Although he started playing a lap steel guitar during this song live in late 2003, Joe Pisapia does not appear on the live version of this song found on Live in Knoxville 9/4/03; the sessionography remains the same as the album version of the song. Finally, "Rudy DiCello" is a made up name, as Brian revealed in the Studio Journal that when time came to write the credits, they had forgotten the unfortunate cellist's real name.
Album Version (listen to a live VBR mp3)
Glad you made it
Welcome to the farm
Who's your daddy?
I'm your daddy now

I'm here seeking only what I need
In your mind is where I'll plant my seed
It's for sure

Let me keep you in this place
You'll be better off this way
Learn to love the price you pay
Trust me dear you're better off this way

Put to bed the sun and sister moon
I'll be hiding in your dirty room
I'll go there seeking only what I need
La ti da we'll stay there 'till we bleed
It's for sure

Let me keep you in this place
You'll be better of this way
I will keep you warm and safe
You'll be better off this way
I will not wake you from your sleep
Leave you wandering counting sheep
No more sad and sunshine days
Trust me dear you're better off this way

You'll be selling books at the airport

Thanks to the unquestionable observations of Dave in helping with live sessionography info.